Almost all of the famous digital camera & cell phones uses SD card as their external storage for saving the pictures. Mainly SD cards are used for storing pictures, videos & songs that you take as a memory of your precious moments. So, losing them can be very heartbreaking. The SD cards are also prone to errors like any other device. So, an efficient photo recovery tool, like Phone data Recovery, is a must keep. This software is compatible with all the cell phone & Smartphone brands, so it can also help you to perform photo recovery from cell phones very easily & effectively.

Common deletion scenarios –

  1. Accidental deletion – Deleting a file accidentally is a very common data loss scenario. Suppose you clicked a photo & you didn’t like it. You decided to delete it but by mistake you deleted some which you liked a lot or pressed Delete All option. This will remove all the pictures saved on your cell phone’s SD card. Another common mistake is, when your memory card is connected to a system & you try to delete some pictures using Delete option but accidentally deleted an important picture. You think that the files are in the Recycle Bin, but to your surprise, you don’t find them there. The reason is that the files erased from an external device are removed permanently from there.

  2. Intentional formatting – Intentional formatting is done either to get rid of a virus infection or to make space for new files to get stored on the drive that is being formatted. The worst happens when you don’t have a backup of all your data & you are left at a complete data loss. You might also sometimes take backup & then format your memory card, flash drive or any other device & later when you try to access the backup, you find that it is corrupted and the files are not accessible. If you are an Android phone user & want know more about recovery on Android Smartphones, then click here.

  3. Intentional Deletion – Sometimes you remove files that you think are not important to you but at some later point of time, you feel their need. This happens to almost all of us.

  4. Unintentional formatting – While ejecting the memory card from the camera or while renaming it, you might mistakenly press “Format” button. As formatting removes all the files & folders from the SD card, all your favorite pictures, videos, songs & other data will be gone forever. 

Whatever may be the reason for deletion of your precious pictures from your Phone’s SD card, Phone Data Recovery is perfect for its recovery. The reason is its advanced scanning algorithms that perform the restoration process with utmost ease & within few mouse clicks. The interface of this software is very user-friendly, therefore even a non-technical person can perform the phone SD card data recovery process easily.

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How to perform Phone SD card data recovery?

Step 1 – Download the demo version of the tool & run it.

Step 2 – From the main screen, select “Recover Photos” option.

Phone SD Card Data Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1 - Main Screen

Step 3 – Select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next screen.

Phone SD Card Data Recovery - Recover Photos

Fig 2 - Recover Photos

Step 4 – Now choose the connected phone memory card & hit the Next arrow button. The tool will start searching for the deleted pictures.

Phone SD Card Data Recovery - Select Drive

Fig 3 - Select Drive

Step 5 – After that a list of recoverable files is displayed.

Phone SD Card Data Recovery - Recovered Files

Fig 4 - Recovered Files

Step 6 – Preview & save the files on the destination other than the memory card.

Phone SD Card Data Recovery - Save Screen

Fig 5 - Save Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users