Android Phone Data Recovery

Most of the users use their Android Smartphones to such an extent that now the device acts like a third hand to them. You can easily capture high definition photos & record high quality videos with great audio clarity. Users also enjoy listening to their favorite music as well as podcast files. All the data is stored on an external memory card that as we all know is prone to data loss situations.

Now consider a scenario, You were deleting some unwanted files from the memory card & accidentally removed some vital media folder that contained your favorite tracks. Now you might be thinking that is there any Android phone data recovery app available to perform the recovery. Yes, definitely there is. There are data recovery professionals who can bring back all your data. But can you afford to put your privacy at stake, by giving away your personal images, videos, etc. with your phone? I guess no one wants to do that. How about a recovery tool, which you can operate all by yourself & get back all deleted / lost data. Wondering how? Keep reading..

Why is recovery possible?

If you think you have lost all your files permanently, then you are wrong. Even if you have deleted your files using Delete All or by formatting your phone’s memory card, the files can be easily recovered using Phone Data Recovery. But there is a condition, stop using your device as soon as you encounter data loss. Using it after that, might overwrite the files that were deleted & overwritten files are nearly impossible to recover using a software.

Let’s have a look at some common data loss scenarios –

Accidental Deletion – Deleting an important file mistakenly while removing an unwanted one, is a common data loss situation. You might accidentally press “Delete All” option or select a favorite picture while deleting some files that you don’t like. All these files are stored on an external memory card that too is prone to errors. Click here to know more about recovery of phone SD card data.

Formatting – Formatting means to remove each and every bit of the data from a device that is being formatted. You might accidentally format your phone memory card while ejecting or renaming it. The formatting could be intentional too as you might think that you have a backup but later realizes that it is not there or it got corrupted.

Virus Infection – As Android phones are smart & advanced, therefore they can be easily connected to the internet. The internet is the main source of getting malware, so the files get easily corrupted if any virus is induced in your phone. This tool is capable enough to rescue your files which got deleted due to viruses.

Why should you choose Phone Data Recovery Tool?

The Phone Data Recovery tool has been developed by some of the industry experts & with deep scanning technology, so that the recovery can be done easily & within a short span of time. It has an intuitive interface that is very user-friendly. You do not require any kind of technical knowledge to perform recovery. Just press some mouse buttons & follow the on-screen instruction, the deleted / lost files will come back to you. Even the deleted or lost apps can be retrieved using this software.

How to use Android Phone Data Recovery App?

Step 1 – Download the demo version of the software & install it. Now run the tool.

Step 2 – From the main screen select either “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option.

Android Phone Data Recovery App - Main Screen

Fig 1 - Main Screen

Step 3 – Select the connected Android phone & proceed.

Android Phone Data Recovery App - Select Phone

Fig 2 - Select Phone

Step 4 – After scanning is completed, a list of files is being displayed.

Android Phone Data Recovery App - Recovered Files

Fig 3 - Recovered Files

Step 5 – Preview the recovered files.

Android Phone Data Recovery App - Preview Recovered Files

Fig 4 - Preview Recovered Files

Step 6 – Now save them after purchasing the full version.

Android Phone Data Recovery App - Save Screen

Fig 5 - Save Screen