Have you lost some important data from your cell phone & now desperately looking for a solution?

Then your search will definitely end right here. This article is specially written to tell you the best way to restore deleted or lost data from your mobile phone’s memory card. For doing this the best software is Phone Data Recovery. No matter in what scenario you have lost your precious data or which brand of memory card you are using in your cell phone, phone data recovery tool will prove to be perfect for all of them. The Phone data recovery tool is capable of restoring over 300 types of file formats that includes photo recovery from cell phones, audio / video recovery & restoration of other file formats. Phone data recovery has been built with advanced & powerful scanning algorithms that helps in performing the recovery with utmost ease and within a few mouse clicks. You don’t even need any kind of technical knowledge to perform the recovery process. Just follow the steps explained below & your data will be in front of you without any difficulty. First download the Phone Data Recovery software & install it. Before running it, connect the phone (with the memory card from which the data has been lost) to the system. Upon running, you will find three options as shown in the fig. Select “Recover Photos” option among them. Then select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next screen.

Phone Data Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1 - Main Screen

Choose the connected phone’s memory card.

Phone Data Recovery - Select Drive

Fig 2 - Select Drive

The recovered files can be previewed for quality in the free demo version. In order to save these files, you need to purchase the registration key of the Phone Data Recovery Software. The files can be saved on any CD / DVD or any other storage device, that is connected to the host operating system.

Phone Data Recovery - Save Screen

Fig 3 - Save Screen

Now let us see in what situations you might lose data from your phone's memory card –

Deletion – The most common way of data loss from any storage device is through deletion. It can be accidental or intentional but the results are same. A user might accidentally remove some of his / her’s very important files from their cell phone while removing some unwanted photos. They might also sometimes intentionally erases files that they think are no longer required or they have a copy of it somewhere else.

Formatting – Formatting can also be intentional or unintentional but the results are much more devastating than just deletion. It will remove all the files like pictures, songs, videos & other files from your phone’s memory card. The data loss caused by the unintentional formatting is much more than the intentional formatting as in the first case, the user doesn’t get the chance to create a backup.

Using the memory card in different phones – Memory cards can be used in different devices & this facility sometimes leads to its corruption. When the memory card of your phone gets corrupted then you will not be able to access any of the files saved on it. There are chances that you might even lose some of those files.

Using the phone on low battery condition – When you click pictures using your mobile phone, when it is showing low battery, then those pictures will not be saved on the memory card. There are chances that other files also, saved on the memory card, are lost.

Abrupt ejection of memory card – Suppose you are clicking photos or transferring some files to the system to which the phone is connected. During this process if you abruptly remove the memory card from the phone or the phone from the computer system, then there are chances that you lose the files that were being transferred. Other files that are saved on the memory card might also get affected.  

The Phone Data Recovery software will prove to be the best & the perfect solution when it comes to phone data recovery under any of the above mentioned scenarios. Phone Data Recovery supports all the brands of cell phones & memory cards too. All the latest versions of both Windows & Mac OS are extremely compatible with the Phone Data Recovery utility.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users